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Influenster Resolution Voxbox review


The Unboxing



@Popchips Cheddar & Sour cream ridges

I was skeptical about. While I do Like some of their products, I wasn’t sure about cheddar and sour cream together. The verdict??? They’re good. They combined just the right amounts of each to be able to taste them both. Another thing unlike most sour cream (and onion) chips they usually taste very salty. If this has any, I’d be surprised.I let my mother try one when I opened them, she liked them but got an after taste she did not care for. As for myself I did not, but after eating a few myself a but quickly, I’m not digging the aftertaste. Maybe need to have a drink or snack on something between each chip.


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Fabreze One Fabric and air mist starter kit

I was almost out of my air effects bottle which is 9.7 .oz and you’d save to buy a whole new bottle.

This is the Fabreze One Fabric and air mist starter kit;  normally $5.99 with the refill as $3.99. I think that’s a better deal than having to buy the fabric and air must separate…even though my fabric re-fresher  is 27 oz.The one bottle saves space and money. You can find it at Target but I greatly hope I can find it in Walmart.

I received the Orchid scented spray. I sniffed the bottle before spraying as my family and I tend to not always like the same scents. Some aggravate my allergies, others my mother’s. For once we both agree on a scent, so I hope I can find this Scent when we go to Walmart, or something else that’s light and flowery…maybe lavender.

You can spray a short spritz or a long (non aerosol) spray to gently clean odors away without heavy perfumes (mom or I do not like) and no dyes.

I think this formula works better than the previous ones in the air as well as on fabric. I’ll put it this way…I have an old blanket from the 90’s I just can’t let go of so I made this the subject of the test and would you believe it actually worked. Honestly the previous solution worked, but not as well to clean the

smell(s) away from this blanket. ONE removed the deep down layers and lasted for a longer time as well.


Crispy Green Crispy fruit

The card Influenster sends when you get one of their sampling boxes notes they send one out of 6 flavors; I received the Apple, but sadly the card does not note what all the flavors are.

These 100% All Natural Freeze Dried Apples are nice thick pieces, with a little crunch.. so no more excuses you want some crispy chips and reach for a potato chip. These have got crunch, they are light only 40 calories 0 from Fat, they don’t taste overly sweet like someone added sugar, and looking at the nutrition info again, it’s only 7 grams of sugar which I think is less than a ripe juicy apple. I will tell you something.. I will be looking for these at Walmart when I go  I just can’t decide if I want to get a 6 pk..(wonder if they come as assorted flavor packages..if not then THAT is how I let them know to improve on the product, as well as need bigger slices, not just thick but full slices, (they are more like a half of a slice)

A .36 oz. Bag is supposed to be $1.49 and a 6-pk of bags for $7.99 and I have found a list of the flavors. Wow I can have a ‘chippy’ fruit salad (yeah sorry that joke fell flat even with me)

  • Apple
  • Asian Pear
  • Banana
  • Cantaloupe
  • Mango
  • Pineapple
  • Tangerine


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Orgain Protein Bars




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Now I have a bit of a beef with Protein bars…

  1. I have yet to see one that is actually appetizing looking.
  2. Many taste like someone put a dumpster in a blender.
  3.  Many don’t even look like it’s made of what it says
  4. They rarely taste like what they say they are supposed to.


As you may be able to see from the image, I got the Cookie Dough flavored version. No it tasted NOTHING like Cookie dough.

As for the taste, it was either passable or I was so hungry when I ate it that I just didn’t notice.

(I usually keep something in my purse in case I’m not hungry in the morning or not able to eat breakfast before I run out the house)

I would say it’s passable cause there have been times I was super hungry, ate a protein bar and it still had a nasty taste, but Orgain needs to improve on the flavor of this.

Burt’s Bees Protein powder

Had to wait a bit as our blender died and had yet to find a new one; thankfully a week before my deadline Walgreen’s had one on sale.

I tried this first with just a taste of the powder, and it might be OK enough to just use in some water.

So the new blender gets blessed by Burt’s Bees (plant based) protein with 1 cup banana, 10oz Orange juice and 3/4 of frozen blueberries smoothie with a scoop (I used a heaping teaspoon.) Of the protein powder. It tasted good except the banana wasn’t ripe enough for me, I could still taste the orange juice a bit (I’d rather use pom juice to make my smoothies or even skim milk.)

I prefer fresh fruits and berries to frozen, tastes so much better. However I don’t think I put enough of powder in. It didn’t make me feel satisfied or full.(so I would not snack late night)

I will say one thing, when I closed what I left in the pouch it came in…some of the powder overflowed out and it felt like silk or satin. I will have to experiment with this and making smoothies. The ‘cups’ that came with my blender are more like a tall slim 25 .oz pitcher, so a scoop may not be enough for that size, although what I made was 1/2 or 3/4 of 25 oz.  (I think it’s as long as my forearm! So basically that’s breakfast and lunch in one cup er let’s call that pitcher cause calling it a cup just does not work for me.

So I’m still not sure about this one, other than you’d probably be able to just put it in my water and just drink it that way.


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Orabrush  A DenTek brand tongue cleaner

So far I already have tried a tongue scraper and have 2 round tongue brushes, one with hard bristles and the other soft.


The bristles on this subject are plastic and sort of look like a cat’s tongue.


Using the Dentek brush, I don’t know if the  bristles really do anything, but that darker pink, at the top of it, works as a scraper. Now even if it’s not meant to work as a scraper, it’s a better one than one (at the top) in the left image, which is also from the Dentek subdivision which I’ve trashed recently wasn’t a good design compared to this new brush/scraper design.  There are times my tongue gets that feeling like it’s been soaked in cotton, and that’s when it’s a great time to use this brush/scraper.

I would say definitely a step up from past designs  but I still think it a shame these companies haven’t been able to successfully combine a toothbrush and a tongue scraper/brush design. The one’s I’ve had on the back of the toothbrush are not wide enough, and the scrape design just doesn’t work. I wonder if they could make a toothbrush in this fashion so that instead of having to buy a separate item and like me forgetting to use it after… To just combine the two.

#Orabrush  A DenTek brand tongue cleaner




Sabra Guacamole

Mom likes this stuff so I told her when she has it I’ll have a taste. For me I have finally found something that grosses me out enough to literally gag repeatedly!

I think my quote was…”It tastes like slimer”

Now mom on the other hand says it tastes good. So if you already like the stuff, you will like it.

(Should have used the denttek brush to help get the flavor off my tongue

#Sabraguacamole Grab & go


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*I received these Items free from Influenster.com to test and review. All opinions are my own. 


11 Make-up and Toiletry Organizers…people swear by

Or try a deluxe organizer for your shadows, glosses, and other little things: Heck I could use this not just for make up etc. but for a desk organizer, even a display to sell jewelry and crafts I made!

I have loads of make up old or new, and YES I know the old needs to be chucked out, but I just love the color too much and its no longer sold. I still have my old Caboodles carry case as well as my big Sassaby one both in storage (I would swear in mine there’s an extra compartment that you could put hair sprays in)  but I would like something other than the drawer in my bureau for my make-up (plus whatever is on top of it) I have a caboodles or whatever organizer as well, (again in storage) but that may end up being desk fodder at some point instead.  This one on the right I like for the top of my bureau as you can see everything in it. I juts don’t know if there will be enough clearance as mine is also a hutch.

That hanging bag I do love for travel a well as the toiletry set (I have something like it) but for that much money I’ll stick to the Michael Kohrs (sp?) hanging toiletry bag I got as a hand me down. (I won’t buy brand name stuff but I’m not against getting it free or in a Thrift store! (but then I usually don’t notice it is as I don’t really look at the names, just the style and if I’ll like it on me)

What I need for a make-up organizer is not just make up but side holders (good size ones) for at least 5-10 bottles of Perfume and same for lotions!



My Foot Boot Fashion



Now it’s rare when I do a write up for something fashion, as I’m not one for fashion. I know some things like silver looks best with black and Gold with White. That just because some say certain colors do not mix does not mean that you can’t wear them. (Yes You can wear red and pink together, but one of them has to be belt just a little trim, otherwise you look like Mimi from the Drew Carey show…..a clown)

With the Holidays upon us and Black Friday around the corner, I thought the perfect post would be a product review of a pair of boots I recently purchased.

Women’s Daily Shoes Combat Style Ankle Bootie Quilted Military Knit  with hideaway Credit Card Knife Money Wallet Pockets 

I’ve been eyeing these boots for at least a year if not more! I think you could say they are utilitarian, as they have a pocket for your credit card, money, key, multi (survival?) tool  etc.(or just use it for emergency money)

so I thought these would definitely be worth getting with some of my birthday money (Though ordered before, so I could wear for any birthday festivities).  Normally I wear a size 8 but being as a lot of footwear does not come with the arch support in it, not to mention sometimes there’s barely enough room between your foot and the inside of the  boot to fit an insole in;  I thought let me get a half size bigger, so I can wear thicker socks as well as in case I need to include an insole in it. I was right; there was no arch support, and thankfully there is enough room for a good insole as well as your foot to fit in comfortably!

These are the sort of boots that never go out of style!

There have been many a footwear that I had to either decide to use the insole and feel as though my foot is being squashed or to forego the insole and therefore my feet and back to hurt faster especially when shopping at a  Walmart… (and all the other stores we go to when we go Middle-town, NY or the stores we go to in Connecticut.

With these boots, not only is there room for the insole, but I’m pretty sure there’s enough room left for some thick(er) socks than I normally wear, (like winter socks) but have yet to test as it’s still too warm, and there has not been a snow fall.  (I have included  a few options for thick socks below)

Now I really haven’t decided what exactly, other than a few dollars (maybe $20 -$50 for emergency or running out) to keep in my boots. Maybe a multi tool would be a good Idea in one of them. Oh and the pockets are fairly deep. Let’s just say before you try paying at a register like I did, try to have the money out before reaching the register, plus it’s not a good idea for people to see that you have your money etc in your boots, but I really only had 2 singles in there at the time so it didn’t really matter. Other ideas to put in them, why not those rewards cards, (I wish there were a way to combine all your rewards numbers into one account/card  so that you just need the one card with you for them to swipe, scan or whatever and it will go through, (or just use a fingerprint)

anyway I really do love my new boots! I got them cheaper than they are at now, but they are worth the price. Plus like I said with Black Friday around the corner You will likely get a discount, and if you purchase through Ebates, You might get some money back from your order). There’s also have a choice of multiple colors, plus Camouflage  and zebra print, as well as quilted color options! If I could get another pair so soon, I would order 2 more pairs  a  Quilted white/beige pair, but then that would get dirty too quick..  so maybe I’d go with the brown  pair and maybe the ones that look like denim. I don’t care for the zebra print ones as to me they look like those flood boots.


If you don’t care for the version I got, there’s a couple other styles one like mine with bucklets on back (or so looks) and an ankle cut

or this style http://amzn.to/2mQ7byy with buckles in back they also have an ankle cut http://amzn.to/2lyrXmf

Oh yeah,it’s a good idea to waterproof these  (and any of your other footwear for when it rains, snows etc) I do so with all my footwear but mostly my Fall and winter boots, shoes etc. You want to do an even coating over the whole boot. I work on the seams first, let dry then I spray the rest of the boot. Let it dry then spray another layer, then I take a show sponge (like the ones some hotels give) and buff with that.

Sof Sole Silicone Waterproofer Spray for Boots, Tents and Outdoor Gear, 12-ounce



here are a few different thick socks for the winter, Knee high, over the knee and a few wool options for those of you not allergic.

1.  23 5.

1.Thick Knee High Cotton Socks 

2. Fheaven Women Long Warm Cotton Blend Socks Over Knee High Sock

So mad these are wool I was thinking of ordering some for myself, but I’m allergic to wool. (If you already think it feels itchy, let’s just say I will scratch myself til I bleed. Learned it the hard way.

3. Pack of 5 Womens Thick Knit Warm Casual Wool Crew Winter Socks

4. Field4U Women’s Wool Knit Winter Socks

Or for the geek girls out there..

5 .  Doctor Who TARDIS Over-The-Knee Socks However these are not thick winter socks



Suave dry shampoo spray

I was recently able to acquire a bottle of Suave dry shampoo with Keratin infusion. In this video you can see the 3 different manufacturer’s items

I made sure I really put this stuff to the test. I didn’t just wait a couple of days when I received it, I let my super long thick hair (that is past my butt, maybe closer to my knees now) go about 5 days maybe 7

(hey I wasn’t going anywhere or be around anyone so I didn’t really care! and this would be a real test not just later in the day or 2 days later)

I don’t really style my hair other than in a ‘pony tail’ or a bun, I just do not have the patience to tangle with the tangles that no matter how long or what way I brush my hair, there always seems to be knots in it. but there’s something to it that gives you some volume back in your hair!

Anyway so after spraying as best I could following directions provided, I had gone out to see if I would get any reactions.  I could smell it all day. My hair smelled like I actually washed it! No greasy hair smell, nor did it feel so either. Also I was surprised that it didn’t look dirty either, though it still looked dull.



                  BEFORE & AFTER

Before dry shampooAfter Dry shampoo


*received complimentary from Influenster to test  & review


ZzzQuil Nighttime Sleep aid


The latest product I had to test for Influenster was the Zzzquil nighttime sleep aid.

I suffer from Anxiety so sometimes I do need to take something to get me to sleep.  The only bad thing is some sleep aids, leave you groggy even when you get the full 8 hours of sleep or even more than that.

I’ve tried simply sleep and that is one of the ones that leaves you groggy and I feel unfocused (because my eyes feel droopy) most if not the whole day the times I’ve taken it.

* Small Cool Purple liqui gel tabs

*Use only for the occasional sleepless night

*I fell asleep in 15-20 minutes

*I slept Soundly and though I did feel a bit groggy when I first woke, it only took a bit (maybe 15 minutes) for it to pass

*It’s not for pain (wish though) and it’s not a cough medicine.

*Non-habit forming

*ensure time to get sufficient sleep 7-8 hours.

another problem when I take sleeping pills (or even when I have a cold.. when I take cold medicine…) I feel it though it may Zi Approved PRODUCThelp get me to sleep, that it ‘wakes’ me up. I don’t sleep through the night when I take these sort of things. So that was a big piece of the criteria I was going to judge this on. It passed!!! I didn’t wake up during the night when I took it

I usually go to bed at 2 in the morning (I just can’t sleep before that) and usually I don’t sleep a full 8 hours with or without a sleep aid. I usually use Tylenol PM and just take one, It helps, but I think I’ll be switching brands

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary (free) sample of the product noted from Influenster to test & review.

Grazing : The subscription box review

Graze box pictureWhat is Grazing?

Normally we picture a cow eating grass in a field but us humans do this as well. We get a craving for a snack, & we go hunt that down, in the pantry, cabinets, and fridge.  Then we ‘Graze’  Or when I looked it up on Bing..

  •  eat small quantities of food at frequent but irregular intervals:
    “advertisers should not encourage children to graze on snacks or sweets”

If you have been finding your usual snacks, (be it healthy or not) not satisfying you as it once did?

Let me tell you about my new favorite find! The Graze box!

Great for grabbing a snack to take to work or school or bring your box along on a road trip, weekend getaway and so on as you may never know if you’ll find snacks as healthy as this…..They now even have a ‘sharing’ box. $25 for 5 packages great for those having mixed lifestyle (diet) guests.

A short time ago, I saw an ad in a magazine or something for the Graze Box from Graze.com. It sounded interesting, but I didn’t have the money for something like that. I don’t remember if there was a free code offer in that ad; or if so, maybe I just thought it sounded too good to be true so I didn’t get it.

So when I ordered a book from Barnes and Nobles and paid for it upon ordering, when I went to pick it up they opened the box it came in, in front of me. Among the papers was something for Graze.com, this time a free code; so I told the girl I’d take that and she could get rid of the rest of the papers.

I left it on my desk for a bit to think about it, and then I decided I’d go on and sign up to see what kind of goodies they had.

The Graze box, is for those who are watching what they eat, eating healthy,  etc.  and is sort of like a sampler (or so as i see it).

If you check out their website , you will find they have a few different variations of their ‘Graze’ box.   There are a few variations of the 4 pack of Graze boxes  Savory, Sweet treat,  4 snack variety, Calorie count and Sugar count. There’s also an 8 snack variety and a ‘Sharing’ box. The sharing box is 5 bags of the snacks, great for a healthy alternative for a party.1 Graze

When I signed up they had  a way to note your dietary preferences, Spicy Food,  unsuitable for vegans, contains nuts, gluten or milk but I will note all their snacks are currently Vegetarian friendly! There are plenty of SWEET healthy choices as well as other choices, for whatever your tastes may be!  I looked through the snacks and what ones I knew I wouldn’t like i checked off to ‘Trash’ like the spicy stuff.

They have ‘buttons’ under the snack options,   Try (default),  Like, Love & Trash. So what was in my Graze box?  If you take a look to your right you will see. Oat,spelt   (WTF is Spelt?) & raisin cookie with berry compote was Delicious!  i wish I had more of the cookies! The compote was sweet yet a tiny bit tart I think but I like it that way and oh the flavor of it! I’m not a fan of the dark raisins, i very much prefer the ‘white grape’ ones. however regardless of either I don’t care for my ‘berries’ to be cooked. This was good!.

So in the Brooklyn bites you can see there are Poppy seed  pretzels, Cheesy cashews & Roasted Pumpkin seeds (so I’m saving that for last cause mine went up in smoke literally as our toaster oven was on it’s last leg and just decided to die on me.

Coupon Get your 1st & 5th boxes free!

Click Coupon and Get your 1st & 5th boxes free!

The Herby Bread Basket Is basil baguettes, Garlic Crostini and Oregano Rice Crackers. I’m not really one for stuff like this if it’s not fresh. But this was pretty good, my only complaint is the Garlic Crostini didn’t even taste like garlic (not in the slightest, it tasted plain to me.  So I need to send them a note that those have to be improved on.

Sound good? Just click on the coupon to et your 1st and 5th boxes free! And trust me it’s good, and it’s true!

You can read more about the company here

I highly recommend the company and with the coupon above you can get your 1st & 5th boxes for FREE!

(when I stopped mine at one, they didn’t even charge me so it’s worth giving it a try!)

‘Spooky’ Eyes lenses

I hate fake or ‘Plastic’ people. By this I mean not only those that are being nice to me to get something. But the ‘plastic’ especially entails fake physical features like nails, eyelashes (we can all tell they are and make you look like you’ve got ‘spider eyes’ ) or their skin (any surgery done unless it was a serious medical reason). You should be happy with the skin you are in (born with)  not how people think you should be.  When it comes to eye color well I always loved blue eyes and was curious to what I would look like, besides when it also comes to those crazy contacts for costumes and such well… that IS still me being me I love Halloween so no matter what color or design I get, so long as others know its not my real eye color, and that I’m honest with those that don’t then I’m not being ‘plastic’ I see trying a different eye color as putting on make-up;I am enhancing my look.  Finally I was able  to get to see what I look like with blue eyes!


My bill and the product packaging.

Spooky Eyes is based in the UK and specialize in  beautiful natural colored and  Halloween cosmetic contact lenses. They stock  over 500 colors & designs for many different occasions (they have contacts for any holiday!). Once I checked the website I was surprised to see the reasonable low prices! So far the lowest I found was $15.95!   (I’ve never seen colored/creepy contacts for a price that low!) for some of the ‘Natural Looking contacts.

These are a great way to experiment with changing your eye color, or to enhance your look. From natural green and blue, to sparkly and party colors, plus some amazing Halloween lenses to die for!

I was able to receive a complimentary pair to test and review. I had to pick 3 styles/designs but would only receive one. I guess this was in case they ran out of something.  One choice I remember was a violet color, another was I think a red one for vampire play and the last was this Spin Blue one (pictured below)which I thought looked interesting.

They have a great variation of Vampire, Witch, Zombie and even werewolf, and that’s not just one or 2 options for each; but I’d say at least 20. The same goes for the black out & white out styles! They have  ‘Crazy Contacts ‘ Color contacts, Halloween (with loads of options I previously mentioned & Natural lenses for just changing your eye color… even to purple well they say Violet!!! You’ll have to check out the site for yourself!

Spin Blue from Spooky Eyes

here’s a close up of one of the contacts in the packaging.

Now for my Lenses….

They showed up’blister’ packaged in solution (which for some reason I was not expecting). One of them was harder to open than the other, maybe I opened them at a different end. The right side in the picture with those 2 circles, I think is the side you are supposed to pull from, so that it’s easier.  Once I opened the packets I put the contacts in a case with some  Renu solution I purchased on July 22. My mother used to have prescription contacts back when I was in grade school. So I sort of have an idea on some of this.  Looking at my Dark brown (almost black) eyes, I’m wondering if you will even see the lens design when I have them in.

I was trying to get at least one lens in the right eye and it was just not co-operating, so I started to try the left. I almost got in a time or two; but as my dad says ‘Almost only counts in horseshoes and grenades”. The contact would only partly go in my eye and then hang out on my lower lid. So  I packed it in for the night and thought to try again the next day.

So  I was trying to get the contacts in before we ran out on an errand, this way I could get used to them.  Sadly I was not able to get even one on before going out.  Before dinner I was able to get the left lens in, then waited a bit to get used to it being in my eye first before trying to get the other in my right eye.

I can tell you 2 things.



Hi all, it’s me ‘in the raw’ So I took this shot to show the difference. I have deep dark brown (almost black) eyes, and you can still see the color over them.

1. They are harder to put in than you think (even when you know someone you’ve seen put them in before)

2.  You know it’s in (or at least close) when it feels like there’s an eyelash in your eye.

These are thin soft Color Contact lenses that once you are used to them you won’t realize you have them on, unless of course you pass by a mirror.! Just be sure to keep a small purse size bottle of moisture drops with you the first few times (say 5) you wear them.


When you are trying to put them in (besides always cleaning your hands well) be sure especially if you have nails like I do, to DSCN5790be DSCN5782careful not to tear them.

1.Put a bit of the Renu solution in the lens (I am pretty sure that’s how it clung to my eye instead of my finger)

2.When you first get the whole lens in your eye as I previously mentioned, it will feel like there’s a lash in your eye. Just..


Ok I look a bit witchy in this like ‘I’m going to get you and your little dog too’

Ok I look a bit witchy in this like ‘I’m going to get you and your little dog too’

3. Keep your eye closed for a bit and let it tear, say up to 30 seconds then open. Take a few moment to get used to that one being in your eye then

4. try getting the other in (and try not to get distracted by your new eye color in the process). Once you have got the 2nd one in repeat #3

If these are the sort of lenses used in movie & TV the actors  have to wear and they are complaining about them, I need to swat them all! If not then I scream out to Hollywood… These are the ones to use!

So, what do you think of me with blue eyes?


see more on the  SpookyEyes homepage,or go directly to the  SpookyEyes DSCN5795spin blue product page.



Other items mentioned

(as I did not know the company had their own affordable kits)
Bausch & Lomb ReNu Multi-Purpose Solution- 2 Fl Oz
TOOGOO(R) Emoticon Print Green Plastic Contact Lens Case w Bottle

If you want to keep track of when to change your contacts use Lens Alert from AC Lens as these say they are yearly on the side of my box.