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Bags every woman should own

Maybe if I had the 7 bags every woman should own

Maybe I wouldn’t have as many as I do.  Unlike those who have the shoe fetish I don’t have an entire closet full of purses, I do have them in a bin. I don’t know how many I have exactly but I’d guess 20 of varying sizes and types. I also use some during certain times of year Like my Scorpio tote for November, some for the summer (see picture below) plus I have a few toiletry bags (of various sizes), and backpacks (depending on what I’m doing, where I’m going and my mood)

Here’s a quick shot with my Kindle of an array of my summer bags. I have 4 of the 7 types, unless you count the Pink/peach bag I use most as a small duffle.  There are a couple more purses but are small and rarely used as they’d only fit a small wallet or change purse, a lip-gloss, my digi camera and my phone (if even that), though should likely be used as a gift bag (like the small drawstring with the shells on it.) Also have 2 waterproof dry paks which will definitely be worth the purchase this summer as I’m supposed to go on  a neighbor’s boat. (hanging out while he and dad fish, I might do a bit but get bored quick so a small book to read, a pen and journal, maybe one of the kindles for weather and tide updates.

One is a Multi-purpose nylon bag you can put your clothes and even some emergency items in case the boat runs out of gas, or something.

the other is a ‘wallet‘ (great for the beach when you just come in from swimming and want to get something at the food stand)

the one in the top right that’s kind of peach and pink I use most and was a find at a thrift store. I couldn’t believe I found something American Eagle at a thrift store! The one in the middle with happy bunny says ‘Reduce Global Warming…buy me ice cream” I use that as a beach tote (also have another beach tote that’s long instead of wide like that one. Its from Del*Sol  where I think everything changes color in the sun. There used to be a shop in Cape May and I tried a polish or 2 and they really do change color. Sadly the shop is no longer there so I will soon have to order online for some polishes. (I just hope what I have will last me a bit longer. as I think the polishes were $8- $10 when I was there, so not sure how much now.)  The one on the far left that’s black and White the inside is vinyl so it’s ‘waterproof’ and has three pockets in the black area for easy access for chapstick and anything else you need to get to quick and small.

The small 2 tone blue is a Steve Madden I got (well forget the name of the store) but everything was always half off or more it’s a small hand bag, (wish the straps were a little bigger so I could at least put my hand through it to hold)

The blue tote i got years ago from Target for I thin $1-$2 it has Hibiscus on it. They had red or blue and the blue looked best. The toiletry bag in that I think was from Avon. On the right the bag on the chain, I got that in the thrift store I just liked that it was different.  Though they made it goofy, where they put the tabs for the chains (You can see where it pulls) I usually find the purse beside me laying flat as if it’s an arm rest! Sadly as much as I’d like to fix that, I would have to rip the whole thing apart. So if I find a way to remove the tabs so that it doesn’t damage the rest of the stitching and find a way to move them or a new way to include the chain (which would likely get to hot in the summer) I may have to end up just using it as a clutch.

I may have to get rid of a few things this summer if I find something new as the handles are fraying on that pink/peach one I use most.(I do need to iron it, as I swear they used to  much fabric on the inside and I can’t find my stuff half the time!

Now to just be able o sort my fall/winter ones out like this as there’s some in the bin, one the closet door, and hung some on the hooks in back of closet.


Purse Trend

I saw this purse trend and went nuts. I always loved the old ‘hat boxes’ and ’round bags.

I do have one of these but it’s a hard hat box I guess you could call it. A family friend gave me it me. (will try to include picture)

The very first picture and Look #3 are my favorites. I used to have a round purse of sorts, sadly I must have gotten rid of it as now I need a bigger one to carry my kindle which I usually have with me, especially if I know there’s going to be a free WI-Fi spot to hand out and relax while on errands.

Though at least one of those noted in the link is over one thousand dollars (really? why would you spend that much on a current trend when likely it will be around for a few months then gone? I swear there should be a cap even on the big expensive brands for fashion items)


Here’s a search Affordable Round Purses, I like the Clock face one best It’s a great price and reasonable shipping)

Here’s another I like  though it costs more money but at least it’s not in the hundreds (or thousands seriously?)

Try also vintage Hat box, Round Vintage purse

Maybe I can understand if its the one and ONLY purse you will have for the next 10-20 years and will work for every season as well along with every outfit you wear but for me that’s a bore! I like cloth during the summer (and spring depending on how the heat and humidity are) and when Its the cooler weather it really doesn’t matter as long as it doesn’t belong on the beach. Though I prefer something black or brown and if it’s leather looking I have no problem as long as its big enough to fit what I normally carry plus I can fit hat, gloves etc in it should it be cold …(so far, we are having a warm winter)

7 ways to spot a fake designer handbag

Now where some have shoe collections, I’m a purse collector! (in a sense) I get rid of mine slowly and then when I do I end up missing them so I don’t just get rid of them that easy.

Honestly If I only had 2-5 purses then I might understand having one expensive one for dates, family gatherings etc. (Or just the ‘perfect one’ for the spring/summer, as I only have about that many purses for that time of year.) I need a bigger sized purse as I usually carry around my kindle fire, and if not then a book and a note pad, besides the wallet, a pen and a few other items. (Honestly for me it’s the smaller things that make it heavy!)

If you are like me, You really don’t care if you have a designer bag, but in my travels, it looks like everyone has one.

One year I came across a yard sale and saw a  cool ‘Patchwork’ Coach purse (never saw one like it) and a hard shell Louis Vutton
tote. I checked them out a bit, and unlike past fakes I had seen and when I’ve looked in the actual stores to see what the linings, tags etc looked like. I thought these were real!!! The Louis Vutton tote even had the wallet in it! So I got the 2 purses and wallet for $20! (Images included are a close likeness to those I found)


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