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12 Brilliant Dryer Sheet Hacks You’ve Never Heard Before

Back in the 90’s or early 2000s I think it was, I figured out a way to keep my winter hats, and hoods from static not to mention my hair from looking like I’ve seen a ghost or stuck my finger in an electric socket. Use a dryer sheet!!

I leave dryer sheets in all my hats and hoods as well as sweatshirts, fleece and those sort of type of fabrics that are shocking!

I drag a dryer sheet over my hair, as well try to go over whichever brush I am using, especially if it’s those close bristle brushes like the photo below. (I also use some Olive Oil hair lotion or some form of oil like argan oil to keep the hair tamed)

So with that give the sprays, cleaners, and devises a rest, dryer sheets are extremely useful…

Source: 12 Brilliant Dryer Sheet Hacks You’ve Never Heard Before


10 Surprising Uses Of Aspirin You Did Not Know About

10 Surprising Uses Of Aspirin You Did Not Know About

Source: 10 Surprising Uses Of Aspirin You Did Not Know About

7 ways to spot a fake designer handbag

Now where some have shoe collections, I’m a purse collector! (in a sense) I get rid of mine slowly and then when I do I end up missing them so I don’t just get rid of them that easy.

Honestly If I only had 2-5 purses then I might understand having one expensive one for dates, family gatherings etc. (Or just the ‘perfect one’ for the spring/summer, as I only have about that many purses for that time of year.) I need a bigger sized purse as I usually carry around my kindle fire, and if not then a book and a note pad, besides the wallet, a pen and a few other items. (Honestly for me it’s the smaller things that make it heavy!)

If you are like me, You really don’t care if you have a designer bag, but in my travels, it looks like everyone has one.

One year I came across a yard sale and saw a  cool ‘Patchwork’ Coach purse (never saw one like it) and a hard shell Louis Vutton
tote. I checked them out a bit, and unlike past fakes I had seen and when I’ve looked in the actual stores to see what the linings, tags etc looked like. I thought these were real!!! The Louis Vutton tote even had the wallet in it! So I got the 2 purses and wallet for $20! (Images included are a close likeness to those I found)


Drink More water

Want to slim down or not gain weight during the holidays? Drink water… Drink 1-2 glasses between and while eating meals this will help fill you up so you don’t over eat and will also help in digestion better.

Also drinking am 8 .oz glass of water before bed, is supposed to help you sleep better.  If you drink more than that, you may wake in the night.

to stay not gain weight and maybe lose some as well… that’s where and when you need to drink the 8 glasses a day.

drinking plenty of water also helps your skin use some lemon and it will help with acne.

SPA-turday Eco-Tools

Around the end of last year I received  the SLEEK + SHINE FINISHER  Ecotools hair brush from influenster.  What they said is true, it DOES reduce drying time. I have thick long (past my butt) hair. So it takes awhile for it to dry (even when it’s not long) but after a good conditioning & combing in the shower to get all the conditioner through my hair, so I could actually brush my hair a bit once I got out (though you shouldn’t brush your hair when it’s wet as much breakage occurs)

I used this brush after finger combing my hair and what a difference in dry time! I think it works better than 20%!

Here is a collection of the Eco Tools Hair Brushes .  This is not all they have, Make-up brushes individual or sets  Bath & SPa items, Their own lashes line


You an find the reviews of products I received from Influenster in the product reviews archive

Keeping ‘cool’ during a panic attack

So we are changing things up a little today its Monday a day that no one likes whether you work or not. I thought this would be a better option to deal with the week and the people around you.

I get anxiety & Panic attacks, and with the hot weather they seem to come easier than usual. So I thought to help you all out (even if you don’t normally have them)

Your Mind races and you start to panic and you become nervous and  more anxious because of this. The following techniques can help you control and break that anxious train of thought.

In your office

Count files or books on a shelf for at least 1 minute

On the street

Focus on picking out all the yellow or red cars for one minute

at home or anywhere

Breath Deeply and picture the air filling your upper and lower lungs. (I usually picture a hawaiian landscape with bodacious waves  😉  )

Slowly exhale and say the word relax under your breath.

Let your muscles go limp and picture yourself holding this position for 10 seconds before repeating it at least 3 times


Other things I try to do to keep from getting one or when I have one:

This one works for both…. Listen to music so nothing interrupts what you are doing, for instance those annoying noises like car alarms, any beeps, phones and other sharp loud ‘sudden’ noises oh yeah lets not forget that annoying  shrill voice (think Peggy Bundy)


If I can I walk away from where I am (if that won’t work try to excuse yourself if not…then try singing a SOOTHING song in your head or something hardrock or heavymetal to get rid of the angst feeling!)


I try to read or watch a movie/tv