Make-up with your makeup

Powder your lashes with a light sprinkle, the mascara will cling to it making your lashes look fuller



I don’t remember where I saw this, (Facebook maybe) but LOVED itso cuil eyeshow

The Beauty Balm Recommendations via Widgets


The color make up you use depends on your skin tone. Shadows depend on that, eyecolor, as well as shape (depending on how you want to put the eyeshadow on also a little with your eyebrows) as to what will look best on you. Like Puprle brings out Brown eyes while olive green brings out  honey brown eyes. How to apply your make-up depends on the shape of your face and facial features. Check out a book if you are just starting or see if you can have a make-over done (If I’d get mine done, I’d do it at the M.A.C. stand in Macy’s, the brand is a little expensive but well worth it. When I’ve used the eyeshadows, they last for HOURS!! I think it was over 6 I had mine on for! Heck I bet if I slept with it on it would still be there in the morning. (and I don’t remember if I had foundation on either. and I didn’t even know about primer then.)

  • Use a flesh toned pencil to line lower inner eye rims to look well rested
  • To stop make up from fading through the day or night use a primer (I prefer the white/ or clear I’m afraid if I use one with a skin tone tint that my make-up will get muddy looking) before putting on foundation, and let it dry completely. This keeps the make-up above your skin as well as does what paint primer does. Helps your make-up hide the imperfections better yet colors pop more.
  • Lightly powder eyelashes  so the mascara will cling  to your lashes so they appear fuller. (be sure to be careful with this as it may amplify ‘spider eyes’ that many get when they use regular mascara. (I use Cover girl’s clear mascara & NEVER have this problem & that is without using the powder)   Another good thing about the clear mascara… you can see when it’s time to buy a new one. (normally it’s 3-6 months you need to get rid of mascara)  also it makes my lashes look longer (I guess it gives them a bit of a wet look, but then I also use a lash curler and brush.  I can’t stand how the fake lashes look. They look like you have plastic on your face, makes you blink more as if you have some nervous twitch (which is distracting)



Get rid of the fakies & get long lashes naturally

For long eyelashes, apply a thin coat of castor oil every night. It strengthens lashes and cools your eyes.

To start, whether you remember Jem & the Holograms or not

7 Beauty Lessons from a favorite classic 80s cartoon who was in the now even before 2014

SUNSCREEN- You need sunscreen everyday even on a cloudy day as 80% of the harmful UV rays can pass through the clouds & fog! Besides the cancer threat without the sunscreen, the sun is 90% the cause of those wrinkles & age spots e exposure to the UV light rays damage the elastin & collagen fibers deep down in your skin which causes it to lose its strength and flexibility

FOUNDATION- remember to use one with spf in it otherwise be sure your moisturizer does and put that on & let it sink in before adding your foundation.

EYESHADOW- Put a lighter color but bright Bold type color eyeshadow with mascara (weather Black or clear) it will make your lashes look longer. Just be sure to use a lash curler & brush

DARK EYE CIRCLES???- Use Cover Up a shade or 2 lighter than your skin tone


What type of make-up person are you? The Horde that has tons of everything? or the type who’s ‘face paint’ fits all in a nice cosmetic bag? (minus the liquid foundation)

Well all these types of make up have their expiration even though the FDA doesn’t make it that they Have to have expiration dates on them. Thisis a summary I copied down from an article from May 2008 Good House Keeping issue

Keep Make-up & scents (perfume body sprays & the like) out of humidity (which means the bathroom) & esp. out of the sun. (esp. the fragrance, which will ruin all but you don’t want those extra special ‘expensive’ ones scents to change do you? also see the info at the end of the chart

anything Liquid if separated! or pretty much.

Liquids= 6 months       Powders= 2 years.


You can also order Timestrips & Time Monitoring Labels)


Nail polish— 1-2 years

(I’ve had a lot for many years just use polish remover to ‘freshen’) or thinner if it gets a little chunky

Foundation— 6 months

Mascara– 3 months

Cream Shadow— 6 months

Liquid Liners (eye)— 3 months

Pencil Liners (eye or lip)— 2 years

Lipsticks & Gloss— 2 years

Powder Shadows— 2 years

Pump Bottle (skin care)— 1 year

Sun screen— 6 months

Hair product— 1 year

Fragrance— 2 years

Skin care ‘treatments’ (acne/anti aging) usually come w/ expiration dates, otherwise those are up to 6 months shelf life

Hair care– aerosol keeps out the humidity & sun but ruin the ozone so if you use shame on you)

Fragrance– (some can be kept 7 years), as with all ‘beauty’ products it should be left out of the humidity (of the bathroom) & the sun as it can totally change the overall scent.

Vitamin, Retinol, hydroquinone, change more rapidly especially in direct sunlight or exposed to air. Some other products become more potent over time


Recently I was asked about a good hypoallergenic eyeliner & mascara. I don’t use mascara often but I usually only use the clear one by Cover girl. (Though I am not sure if its hypoallergenic) I told this person Almay, Physicians Formula & Bare Minerals are good.


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