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Fatty acids help strengthen dry and cracked nails (especially during the winter months) use Olive oil and almond oil  to prevent peeling, cracking and so on with natural nails.   File nails a little once to every other week and Buff them every week.


Need to mend a broken nail? Don’t have a ‘patch’ kit? Use a piece of tea bag or coffee filter. If you don’t have either then I hope you at least have some tissue paper in the house.

Nail care recommended by Zi’s BEauty Balm via Widgets



a scratching of Nail tips (sorry for the double pun there)

To start What do your nails say about your healt?

Want to QUIT BITING YOUR NAILS ? I quit by just using fake nails purchased at a drug store now my nails grow pretty much like wild fire.

But you need to take care of them. Don’t leave them on longer than a week, file them & buff them & let them get air. Then next day put a clear coat on (if not a color) You can use nail growth or strengthening formulas. My nails can almost cut like a knife!

Give yourself a manicure that lasts!!5 Step mani Last

PREP. With a cotton ball get it wet with some polish (if you have fake nails or have acrylic over your real ones, use NON-asatone remover) to dissolve the old color (if there’s any left) as well as whatever dirt & oils may be on your nails.

1. Apply a thin layer of a base coat which is usually a tacky formula to keep the polish anchored to your nail if you don’t have an actual base coat clear polish or ridge filler will do fine!

2. Next get your color polish and before you take a stroke on your nail you want to wipe the brush on the inner rim of the bottle.

Use three strokes to pain your nail first middle then sides. Do one coat firs on each nail first. Let dry (if you must dry it with your hair dryer or a nail dryer fine) after that coat is dry, paint on another. (try letting this one dry naturally)

3. After 2nd coat, swipe the polish across the tip of your nail to prevent chips holding the brush vertically.

4. when dry swipe on a clear coat (p.s. thinking of using that No Chip stuff? Don’t! You nails chip sooner than they normally would) and after that one is dry do another!

5. get your hair drier and blow dry for 2 minutes on the heat setting to evaporate the chemicals in the polish Then 3 minutes on the cool setting (this is for EACH hand) Need it to last a full week 2 days after the initial mani, throw another clear coat on.

MAINTAINING A MANICURE!! A long lasting manicure or pedicure starts at the salon: Choose a light shade of polish, which won’t readily show chips. Ask the technician to push your cuticles back INSTEAD of cutting them, as cut cuticles become ragged-looking faster. *Each day after your appointment, apply cuticle minimizer (Butter London melt away cuticle eliminator, $20 to slough off dead skin cells and preserve smoothness and paint on a clear top coat to maintain polish’s shine (esp. for manis.) * Touch up any chips with a polish pen in a neutral color (with light shades, you don’t have to worry about matching exactly) *Moisturize hands frequently (& esp. after washing) & when feet begin to get dry, exfoliate in the shower with a gentle foot file; follow with a rich cream (like a body butter) Avoid using gritty scrubs, since they can dull polish. (oh well so much for mine. I use the Tropical coconut sea salt foot exfoliating scrub from Avon.)

Don’t have seperators? Check this slide show for an idea

olive oil can help build strong fingernails and soften cuticles. Before bed, soak your nails in a mixture of lukewarm olive oil and lemon juice. Put on soft cloth gloves and let the oil penetrate overnight. Your nails will gradually become more resistant to breaking and chipping. (I’m guessing that means no more brittle nails…Eh?)

For those of you that want to clean your nails up with a soak (and you are not in the mood to go to the salon or don’t have enough cash.. use these items in your house!

Nail Soak- (best done before shower/bath) in a small Chinese take out container collect Peroxide, Alcohol, liquid bleach, sea bath salts, liquid soap, and finally warm to hot water …First include the ingredients

* Cap Full – bleach if a medium to small bottle use a cap full otherwise try a teaspoon first

*1 teaspoon, – Peroxide

* 1 teaspoon Alcohol

* 2 Table spoon nail polish remover

* Tablespoon of Bath salt

(exfoliates- put in more to your liking, if you want it to be more gritty. )

* 1 squirt Lotion or better.. baby Oil   The-Many-Wonderous-Uses-of-Baby-Oil

* ½ cup water

First a little less than 1/4 full as hot as possible, mix around and put a squirt of soap in there) Run the water a luke warm to 1/2 of the container & should NOT exceed ½ the size of container. You can pre measure the water amount before you mix the ingredients in. (They must be put in first in order for lotion & salts to melt when you put the water in)


Milk (calcium your nails need it in you! And also helps on the outside too!)

Nail Oil (cuticle) if its in a squirt bottle then just give a quick squirt otherwise you’ll have to do this afterwards with a wand or whatever other means your cuticle oil comes as.

Hand Lotion (non greasy) Lubriderm or St. Ives is good. Even some scented lotion. and

Vitamin E capsule (prick it with a pin or purchase the bottle of it) There’s really no measuring for this one except ONLY 1 Vitamin E ,capsule squeeze out entire capsule (be careful when you squeeze it an make sure the hole is big enough) and the milk is to be 1st thing to put in the container, fill it to be over your entire nail and cuticle, as far as your first knuckle. Add as much lotion as you’d like double the amount you’d use for the 2 of your hands, this will be good to use on your feet as well! (also if you want heat some water in a pot, and put the container in .. if you do it this way after you measure the milk, put it in another cup then put in cold) Oh hey one more thing, for your feet, you can use the Liquid foot powder as well, and if you have any you can see if bath and body works has some more of that nice refreshing foot spray. (big ones are $15 small ones are $5


-Nails yellowing? Use a denture cleaner tablet and put it in water to soak nails.


(Me.. if your nails are yellowing usually it’s likely a fungus,  so you might want to use some bleach in that mix as it will not only kill the funky fungus bacteria it will also brighten your nails as well.  I use it once a month and my nails never get yellow!   Depending on what you are going to soak your nails in, fill that container ¼ way with bleach, & ½ water. If you want I’ve also done it where I just used the bleach on the top of my nails& then only soaked the tips of them (not whole nail just enough of bleach & water to be about ¼ “high)


  • A drop of Olive Oil rubbed nightly into your nails will help them grow long and strong
  • Almond and Olive oil are rich in  essential fatty acids  which help to strengthen cracked & dry nails
  • Lip balm can also be used to moisturize cuticles especially those with shea butter and Vitamin E.. (a drop of Olive oil works equally well)


DIY nail brightener Hydrogen peroxide dip for 3-5 minutes then rinse with water

Salon Express Stamping kit WITH Nail art paint

Salon Express Combo of Nail Art Paint Plus the Stamping Kit
Salon Express Combo of Nail Art Paint Plus the Stamping Kit

I wanted this when I saw it on tv, and while parusing a store I found it at a cheaper price, plus as soon as i got home I ordered like 25 plates off Amazon for $13 & change which between that & the price I paid for the kit came to what the price of the kit alone was on tv.

anyway for doing harder designs like plad & such, its much better to use just be sure your polish is fully dried & you use enough of polish, & scrape it off to get it on the stamper to stamp on your nail. it does take a little getting used to & of course as usually the opposite hand you write with comes out a bit better but after a bit of practice… it looks so good peolpe would think its just a decal!

 Nail Art & How Tos!

For one.. checkout the salon Express nail stamp kit to your right (you may have to scroll back up a bit) its easy to use, quicker than messing with those special overwriter polishes,(& brushes) then there are all these which may take longer prep & clean up time

Maddy pintrest Nails

2012 Stylish Nail Art

F*yeahprettynails MASSive amount of ideas

Water Marble blue

pink water marble

News Paper design

Color block style

Blue stained Glass

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