Fitness charts

Lose 300 calories per hour raking leaves

Hiking for 1 hour lose 405 calories per hour

S-T-R-E-T-C-H Studies show merely bending down to touch your toes can be a powerful tension buster by increasing blood flow to your brain flushing your whole system with feel good endorphins!

regular brisk walks helps to maintain a healthy weight improves balance, lifts your mood, strengthen your bones, & pardon my sarcasm but supposedly prevents or helps chronic conditions.. but does not seem to for mine. Weight training is important as well! Of course it helps with weight control (but remember muscle weighs more than fat) bone building it also improves glucose (sugar) levels and reduces the risk of heart disease

I thought I’d give you direct links to the pictures instead of throwing more pictures on here.

calories /exercise chart

Exercise checkoff chart

How many Calories have you lost guide

Heart rate

aerobic flexability

Streches before you weightlift

Spinal Flexability & Streches chart

more streches

Yoga or pilates?

Portable Pilates


Balance Ball

If there is a chart I failed to think of, please tell me the type of exercise & I’ll find it or send the picture or link

fit test

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