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Now it’s rare when I do a write up for something fashion, as I’m not one for fashion. I know some things like silver looks best with black and Gold with White. That just because some say certain colors do not mix does not mean that you can’t wear them. (Yes You can wear red and pink together, but one of them has to be belt just a little trim, otherwise you look like Mimi from the Drew Carey show…..a clown)

With the Holidays upon us and Black Friday around the corner, I thought the perfect post would be a product review of a pair of boots I recently purchased.

Women’s Daily Shoes Combat Style Ankle Bootie Quilted Military Knit  with hideaway Credit Card Knife Money Wallet Pockets 

I’ve been eyeing these boots for at least a year if not more! I think you could say they are utilitarian, as they have a pocket for your credit card, money, key, multi (survival?) tool  etc.(or just use it for emergency money)

so I thought these would definitely be worth getting with some of my birthday money (Though ordered before, so I could wear for any birthday festivities).  Normally I wear a size 8 but being as a lot of footwear does not come with the arch support in it, not to mention sometimes there’s barely enough room between your foot and the inside of the  boot to fit an insole in;  I thought let me get a half size bigger, so I can wear thicker socks as well as in case I need to include an insole in it. I was right; there was no arch support, and thankfully there is enough room for a good insole as well as your foot to fit in comfortably!

These are the sort of boots that never go out of style!

There have been many a footwear that I had to either decide to use the insole and feel as though my foot is being squashed or to forego the insole and therefore my feet and back to hurt faster especially when shopping at a  Walmart… (and all the other stores we go to when we go Middle-town, NY or the stores we go to in Connecticut.

With these boots, not only is there room for the insole, but I’m pretty sure there’s enough room left for some thick(er) socks than I normally wear, (like winter socks) but have yet to test as it’s still too warm, and there has not been a snow fall.  (I have included  a few options for thick socks below)

Now I really haven’t decided what exactly, other than a few dollars (maybe $20 -$50 for emergency or running out) to keep in my boots. Maybe a multi tool would be a good Idea in one of them. Oh and the pockets are fairly deep. Let’s just say before you try paying at a register like I did, try to have the money out before reaching the register, plus it’s not a good idea for people to see that you have your money etc in your boots, but I really only had 2 singles in there at the time so it didn’t really matter. Other ideas to put in them, why not those rewards cards, (I wish there were a way to combine all your rewards numbers into one account/card  so that you just need the one card with you for them to swipe, scan or whatever and it will go through, (or just use a fingerprint)

anyway I really do love my new boots! I got them cheaper than they are at now, but they are worth the price. Plus like I said with Black Friday around the corner You will likely get a discount, and if you purchase through Ebates, You might get some money back from your order). There’s also have a choice of multiple colors, plus Camouflage  and zebra print, as well as quilted color options! If I could get another pair so soon, I would order 2 more pairs  a  Quilted white/beige pair, but then that would get dirty too quick..  so maybe I’d go with the brown  pair and maybe the ones that look like denim. I don’t care for the zebra print ones as to me they look like those flood boots.


If you don’t care for the version I got, there’s a couple other styles one like mine with bucklets on back (or so looks) and an ankle cut

or this style with buckles in back they also have an ankle cut

Oh yeah,it’s a good idea to waterproof these  (and any of your other footwear for when it rains, snows etc) I do so with all my footwear but mostly my Fall and winter boots, shoes etc. You want to do an even coating over the whole boot. I work on the seams first, let dry then I spray the rest of the boot. Let it dry then spray another layer, then I take a show sponge (like the ones some hotels give) and buff with that.

Sof Sole Silicone Waterproofer Spray for Boots, Tents and Outdoor Gear, 12-ounce



here are a few different thick socks for the winter, Knee high, over the knee and a few wool options for those of you not allergic.

1.  23 5.

1.Thick Knee High Cotton Socks 

2. Fheaven Women Long Warm Cotton Blend Socks Over Knee High Sock

So mad these are wool I was thinking of ordering some for myself, but I’m allergic to wool. (If you already think it feels itchy, let’s just say I will scratch myself til I bleed. Learned it the hard way.

3. Pack of 5 Womens Thick Knit Warm Casual Wool Crew Winter Socks

4. Field4U Women’s Wool Knit Winter Socks

Or for the geek girls out there..

5 .  Doctor Who TARDIS Over-The-Knee Socks However these are not thick winter socks




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