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11 Make-up and Toiletry Organizers…people swear by

Or try a deluxe organizer for your shadows, glosses, and other little things: Heck I could use this not just for make up etc. but for a desk organizer, even a display to sell jewelry and crafts I made!

I have loads of make up old or new, and YES I know the old needs to be chucked out, but I just love the color too much and its no longer sold. I still have my old Caboodles carry case as well as my big Sassaby one both in storage (I would swear in mine there’s an extra compartment that you could put hair sprays in)  but I would like something other than the drawer in my bureau for my make-up (plus whatever is on top of it) I have a caboodles or whatever organizer as well, (again in storage) but that may end up being desk fodder at some point instead.  This one on the right I like for the top of my bureau as you can see everything in it. I juts don’t know if there will be enough clearance as mine is also a hutch.

That hanging bag I do love for travel a well as the toiletry set (I have something like it) but for that much money I’ll stick to the Michael Kohrs (sp?) hanging toiletry bag I got as a hand me down. (I won’t buy brand name stuff but I’m not against getting it free or in a Thrift store! (but then I usually don’t notice it is as I don’t really look at the names, just the style and if I’ll like it on me)

What I need for a make-up organizer is not just make up but side holders (good size ones) for at least 5-10 bottles of Perfume and same for lotions!



Incoming: Hot New Beauty (product) Launches to Check Out This January

As part of being an Influenster I  get the heads up on some ‘new’ or up-coming products. Here is a slide show from Influenster on the the January products to be launched. (granted there are a few I think I’ve seen and have been out for a bit already)



New beauty trends for 2017


These brushes are pretty! I like the one with the red and the purple brushes best sadly there’s no information on where they will be available or how much (which I’m afraid to even know)


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